four thousand words

The kids are making friends from the neighbourhood. This little guy, Brian, comes every day to play with Zach. Zach loves his guy friends, loves to roar like a lion and pretend to scare them, but doesn’t enjoy the same treatment ironically. With the five of us invited to the Rorock Church this morning, sitting on a wooden pew for two and a half hours, he tried to roar at the ten year old boys behind us. Those boys were thrilled to shake and rub his white hand. I was relieved that we spent the first hour getting lost trying to find the church or it would have been a three and a half hours service!

The kids and I have had a pretty quiet weekend as Jim has been very busy at the hospital. We spent a couple hours walking up to the primary school and wandering slowly back through the market. Tractors, matatus, and grazing sheep or cows are common on the side of the road. Zach and Rachel like the big machinery. A lot of maize shambas (farms) are found around these parts. I’ve also seen potatoes and beans.

Hannah loves to shop, but she couldn’t quite find the right colour and style of skirt that she hopes to bring home. At 300 shillings a skirt, the prices are more than reasonable. That would be about $4 CDN. Clothes are laid out on canvas and the sales ladies are eager to come chat with you….or hard sell, depends on your perspective.



Zach and I sat out on a blanket in our backyard as he took photos: of me, the brightly coloured birds, and the slice of moon in the blue sky. The stars are especially bright so near the equator and up on these mountains. I wish I brought my telescope. The view of life from this part of the world is an awful lot different than what we’re accustomed.

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