Medical registry

The world is made up of two kinds of people: those who will find the next few paragraphs engaging at best and unique at worst AND those who will glaze over and decide to come back tomorrow in hopes of more Teresa.  (Editor’s note: today’s authour is a male and Zach is asleep).

Medical work here as been varied and at times intense.  I am currently covering the male medical patients and pediatrics.  I see outpatients with many of these requiring admissions.  I teach medical students, I take some anesthesia call and likely it will all change next week…stay tuned.

Lots of fascinating cases:

*sick babies with congenital heart disease +/- pneumonias, Group B strep sepsis


*TB with cavitations

*organophosphate poisonings

*methanol poisoning

*poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis

*adenovirus pneumonia

*machete injuries

*supracondylar fractures

*severe alcoholic cardiomyopathy


*normal pressure hydrocephalus

*third degree heart block

*delirium tremens

*bipolar disorder



*rheumatic heart disease

*paralysis post traditional trephination (rural bush craniotomy)

*gestational hypertension with proteinuria

*multiple patients with profound anemia

*esophageal candidiasis in five year old = HIV +

*man attempting suicide after learning he is HIV +

Just the highlights there.  Many people come to the hospital a wee bit on the late side.  Sometimes staff are not as attentive as they should be at quick triage and notifying the doc on call.  I got called Sun at 0840 to come quick to a sick patient (had been on the ward after admission for 15 hours). Babe was very sick with congenital heart disease and superimposed pneumonia.  Appropriate treatment started.  2 nours later, a code was called on the same now pulseless and apneic patient.  None of the resus measures we used worked.  Babe had been sick at home for 2 weeks but money or the lack thereof probably prevented a faster attendance for care.  Sad.  Later that day a code was called on the patient next door but fortunately the babe was just mucus plugged and not truly apneic – excitement in a bad way.

When people have money they may head to Eldoret for higher level investigations such as CT scans and echocardiograms but this seems to be the exception.  Drive is 2.5 hours and most people struggle to pay their hospital bill here.  Some never get admitted who should because family choose not to for fiscal reasons.  Rest assured the hospital is not gouging. Care here is inexpensive relative to anything across the pond but as a foundation there are basic charges for all types of care.

The kids are welcome on the hospital grounds and currently the daughter a day program is in place for la famille Wiedrick.  Each gets to solo silent shadow papa on rounds to get a feel for what I am doing in my work.

Love the scenery.  Walk everywhere.  Great to jog at sunrise.  Talk more later.  Thanks for the read.


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