Hannah had a little lamb

Welcome from Hannah, also known as Ann, by all the Kenyan people.

Once upon a time, there was a lamb. It was brought a week ago as a gift to the surgon’s sons’ Zeke & Jude. Yesterday, I told the lamb that she had less then twenty four hours to live. The lamb said Baaaa for the first time! Zeke & Jude killed her for supper tonight.

As the killing was in process, Mom was dancing the salsa with the Kenyan kids. Of course, on the other side of the compound. Mom spent the morning teaching the children about Canada. But not a lot about Africa because they could teach her.

Later at the supermarket one man said to Mom: I want your hand in marriage. 

Sorry, I’m already married, said Mom pointing to her ring.

No, I want your girls to be African brides!

So then Mom replied: Give me six cows and a shamba (farm). But what the man didn’t know was that Mom knew that nobody could afford that.

Later, while Mom was talking to a hairstylist named Rispa, and we kids were whithering in the hot sun without water, a man beckoned Madelyn over to him. Madelyn hid behind Mom. Then the man beckoned me over. But I whispered No. Why? questioned the man. But this time, I ignored him.

Kenya is diffferent because everyone has shaved heads and chocolate brown eyes, I’m not usually proposed to in the grocery store (or anywhere, I’m eleven) and my meat comes on styrofoam plates!

My last words are: I hope Lambs go to Heaven, because I dearly loved that one!


3 thoughts on “Hannah had a little lamb

  1. What a beautiful addition to the Wiedrick blog, Hannah. My Hannah was called “Anna”. Sorry about the lamb. I know how you feel. The Jones’ were given a goat and I believe Jimmy is still around. If he is, then hopefully he knows how lucky he is! Loving each and every post and look for them each day. Big hugs to all of you and enjoy your last few weeks in that quirky, wonderful, challenging, heartbreaking but joyful place!

  2. Hey Canadian girl! Glad to hear from you. I agree, you’re too young for marriage but that many cows and a farm sounds like a good deal brokered by your mom. (Set the price high!). I also know where my meat comes from but I don’t really like to see it before it’s set on my plate either! I am amazed at how much you look like your mom in the photo on this post. I could almost believe that picture was taken 20 years ago (give or take!)

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