blinded by passion

I’d like to write a clever story of an interesting adventure today, but I spent most of my time shushing the kids so daddy could sleep in the morning hours (he got home at dawn…his ICU patient died), part of the day I ran around the backyard with Jim for exercise and the other part I spent on the phone to North America or preparing food and cleaning dishes. This I can experience on my home continent. But with fewer activities, much opportunity for contemplation.

I’d thought about writing about sharing…sharing our resources, sharing our skills, sharing ourselves to commune with one another. All good stuff. Especially in the context of the developing country I now reside, I feel compelled to consider what my part is in all this. What do I do with those hungry about me? Share. Do I share so much that I don’t have enough? Should I sell my home? Ask others to do the same? Live in a tent in the valley for the next forty years? Should I simply spend less? Be less consumed by consuming and materialism, give a few of the kids’ toys away and buy fewer lattes?

Then I have to ask if George W. Bush can give a few billion dollars to Africa, and that can’t change the tidal wave of poverty among the African masses, or if aid organizations or a few minor celebrities can’t put a major dent into the trouble, then what could possibly induce real change. Is the real solution political, having too much money in the hands of the corrupt and disorganized? And if it is, then how could I really help? My only conclusion is that I indeed don’t have an answer and there have been a  few people that thought about this before me, have spent their lives advocating for it, and still nothing of a profound tidal wave. So I have to ask, what do you think? The spotlight is on you.


2 thoughts on “blinded by passion

  1. I know your struggles and I know your heart. For me while in Kapsowar, sharing Jesus and the fact that His death and resurrection is for all, the riches of His kingdom is for all, a place is prepared for them all, and in Him they can have peace, joy, contentment, fulfillment and riches beyond measure. It is the reason why we go and the reason why we go back. You are right….money may help but will not answer the problems of Africa, aid will not, political change will not…but Christ WILL!

    Bless you all for what you are doing. You have made a difference. You have touched people’s lives and eased their load. The fruits of your labor may not be known this side of Heaven but you are doing what so many people say they will do and do not do. God is pleased with each one of you and you can’t ask for more than that!

    • Thanks for responding Janie and Gerhard. I am thankful that God loves us all and has a plan for us all, and know that this is the respite from troubles. That we are promised wonderful things in the life to come. I also have discovered that what I thought might be really valuable to these folks isn’t. Our having more possessions doesn’t add inherent value to our lives, and certainly wouldn’t to theirs. But we know that good water, adequate food and healthcare, and public health teaching, really does improve our well-being. Haven’t seen a lot of seniors here. Definitely no seniors homes. Certainly a sign of overall life expectency, which is apparently 48…we’re nearly seniors. And I agree with Laura that we have a responsibility to respond, when we are given so much. I don’t know what that exactly means for us, as individuals and as a continent. It certainly looks pathetic that 5 out of a hundred have beyond what they need, and 95 don’t have enough. However, there is so much already given to the developing world, that I wonder why it doesn’t have more impact–I’ve heard much about corruption and disorganization and think this must be the reason why the rich get richer here and the poor get poorer and then I wonder if it doesn’t matter how much capital is sent here, that it won’t reach who it’s intended for. If the governments wouldn’t be a barrier, perhaps more could be accomplished. And what I see as a real gift that really will make it here is probably coming here to help. (though being here is harder than I thought it would be). Thanks for your encouragements. Are you hoping on coming back soon?

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