where is costco?

I am beginning to think I wish I had a Costco card. Not that it would do me much good here. But having a three month supply of just about anything sounds really nice right about now. The folks around here buy for the day. Why buy twelve mangos when you can buy one for breakfast? There aren’t freezers, so nowhere to store meat. Eat meat when you get it.

I’m told that freshly laid eggs can sit in a warm spot for a month. I’ve asked a few people about that and because there are many people actually doing it, I believe it. But I don’t want to try. I have decided that when I do get offered another ten eggs–nearly every second day, I will just buy them all, hard boil them and hand them out to kids after school. Madelyn worries that too many kids will come and we won’t have enough. And that time will certainly come, but better to have given some than none at all.

I sent with Agnes just a pound of sugar and a two kilo bag of white flour to mamaTeresa, the mom of fourteen. Agnes said that her friend will say Blessings, blessings, blessings on mamaRachel (that’s what Agnes calls me). I can’t fathom that a five dollar purchase could have that much value. Yet there is no food bank, no food stamps, no social services and no government that’ll do anything for her. It is the kindness of neighbours that provides for the needs of the needy, and along with that, a strong sense of community.

In the meantime, I suffer hard, missing my Tassimo coffeemaker, and knowing I’ll spend the next three weeks without cheese. I emptied my almond cache tonight, with my increasingly dwindling dark chocolate supply. And we’ve resorted to cabbage as a crunchy lunch vegetable with hummus (only 3 more cans of chickpeas). Oh, the kids have been asking please, no more beans for lunch. I have to ask, what exactly are we going to eat then? Exotic lunch is tuna sandwiches these days. (I refuse to entirely live on muffins and cinnamon buns). I know that Jim is looking forward to crackers…I’ve actually been making them. When we get back, I won’t be serving chicken, minced or stewed beef, the mainstays of our dinner meals. The kids almost have me convinced that we’ll celebrate North America by eating a fast food day: breakfast at Tim Hortons (not my idea), lunch at McDonald’s (definitely not my idea), and supper at Arby’s….I could go for a philly beef and swiss.

The concept of scarcity is scarce for me, though I survived college with a few pantry-bare weeks. I’d like to think we have enough in our grocery budget to buy what we need, but you can’t eat your money. So instead, we’ll eat beans!


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