Madelyn’s Ark from Africa

In my spare time, I like to read animal books. At the library, I pick animal books. So tonight I am  going to share with you about African animals.

Monkey: we saw a monkey on  the  drive  from Eldoret to Kapsowar. It was brown and hairy.

Cows: the cows are very skinny. I can count their ribs. Most of the cows have horns. Lots of the cows are black and white. Some are brown.

Sheep: there are lots of sheep. They’re in the market, and on the road. There are a crazy amount. Sheep eat the grass on the hills. They eat all the scrap mangos and garbage.

Carpenter Bees: these bees are the size of a golf ball. They make a lot of noise. These bees make holes in the roof because the burrow into wood.

Chickens: they are wild and wandering. They make their homes among the trees. They also eat scraps from the ground.

Cats:there are wild cats too. They like us. We know a cat named Pumpkin and Marshmallow. There are also three cats sitting on garbage barrels in the hospital complex waiting for garbage to be disposed.

Grasshoppers: these are inside the house and outside the house. It sounds like crickets are beside our beds, and they are. We use bug nets for our beds. And daddy comes every night to kill the bugs in our rooms.

Yellowish: Hannah found a dead bird–it was yellow and black. Hannah named it Yellowish. We burried it. We gave it a service and sang Amazing Grace.

Agnes’ Cat: when we went to Agnes’ house, she showed us her cat. It was six weeks old. Its back legs were paralyzed. A few days later, it died.

Slug: there are slugs on the door and in the livingroom. Zach, Rachel and I like to make a wooden stick house for them in the backyard, by the laundry line. We make sure they have water too. One molded in the water.

Spiders: there are lots and lots of spiders. If you were afraid of spiders, this would not be a good place for you to go. I saw a blue bug too. It was on my arm when we were doing African studies. I thought it was poisonous because it was a bright colour: a bright colour means its poisonous.

Dogs: there are dogs too. They are wild. They are not usually tamed. They are the same type of dog. It looks scary.

These animals are a lot different from Canada because we’re not used to seeing them wander. These animals are interesting, but I’m hoping to see even more in Nairobi at the Nairobi National Park and a Giraffe Orphanage and maybe even on a day safari. I’m looking forward to all of those!


One thought on “Madelyn’s Ark from Africa

  1. Nice to read something from you. It sounds like you are enjoying your experience there. I hope you get to the giraffe orphanage. See if you can fit one in your suitcase to bring home to me!

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