father’s day and beyond

Written by Hannah

Illustrated by the Camera

I woke up this morning and had no clue it was “Father’s Day”. Turns out it was! Dad got a twister shirt (tacky, Mom calls it) and a wax sealed letter! Then we ate chocolate honey biscuits for a treat. Dad craves them.

Dad played football while Rachel, Madelyn and I helped out at Edna’s store! Edna is our cook and runs a small shop when she’s not working at the station. Edna sells flour, tea, pens, candy, and other little things. She invited us to sell her wares. We’ve been a big benefit for her business. Nobody really came to the store this day, except Mom.

Later on, we went to Bible Study. Too bad they didn’t talk about fathers. When I woke up on June 18, it turned out to be a cold and windy morning. Dad woke me up, so I told him my dream (it was about him) and we both laughed until we woke up Rachel. I made pancakes, since we had no bread that I could toast.

The oven and stove work differently here (no surprise). It might surprise you that some people here have Whirlpool front load washers.

But for our stove you just:
Turn on the gas, light a match, light the burner, and blow out the match.

For the oven you just: Turn on the gas, stick a lit match down a 2.7 cm tunnel (Dad’s estimation) and wait for the oven to burst into flame and jump like a Massai warrior.

To wash our clothes, Agnes throws them in the tub and scrubs hard. Zach helped her today when we were doing studies.

We were searching for Dad at the Outpatients Clinic this afternoon, with no luck. Turns out he found us while we were heading out the door. While Mom and Dad were talking, Rachel and Zachary tried to end up in Emergency themselves, while chasing a gecko into a deep trench full of thorny plants, the worst being stinging nettle.

I hope you have a good day as I’ll be enjoying what I call a siesta.


8 thoughts on “father’s day and beyond

  1. Oh, Hannah! How often I have done the Massai warrior leap when lighting that stove. I have loved reading all of your posts so much. I check every day and I am disappointed if there isn’t a new one! I have laughed, cried, smiled and sighed! Some posts make me ache to be back there, others remind me of the struggles that it can be. But, most of all, I am so proud of you all for what you are doing and how you have embraced each day, the tough days and the easy days and have made a difference in the lives of those who you have touched. May God continue to bless the remaining days there. We continue to pray for you all.

    • Thanks guys. We appreciate the warmth and kindness. For the days I haven’t posted, inconsistent service or illness have been the reason. So much blessing people inadvertently experience here, and yet, there is a different kind of heartache, one that is really not familiar or comfortable.

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