au revoir Africa, bonjour Paris

Probably the number one reason, at present, that I would like to leave Africa and head home is that I am freezing. About ten degrees outside, no heat or fireplace inside, and just the warmth of one good man to keep me from turning into a block of ice. So I’m looking forward to Europe and Canada.

On our final day in Nairobi, we headed to the Nairobi National Park and sat quietly (ha ha) in our seats for a couple hours, searching through the thick African savannah for eland, cape buffalo, white rhinos, giraffes, antelope, and water buck. When the troops felt their pressure sores requiring new positioning (loads of travel time in the harried traffic attempting to get anywhere here), we headed to Carnivore, Nairobi’s renowned eating experience.

As you can imagine, we ate a lot of meat. No elephant today; they’re not allowed to serve that anymore. But the more adventurous of us tried crocodile (does not taste like chicken, more like chicken gristle), ostrich (yummy, like turkey), and rhino’s balls. When I asked Jim what unusual foods we ate, he suggested potatoe sticks with masala sauce and potatoe, fennel and mint soup… It was all very tasty, except for the balls. And when I asked our driver, what precisely the balls were, he only answered balls. Aiy, gross…what did it taste like? Liver.

Raymond gave us a special surprise from his wife’s bakery, a seventh birthday cake for Rachel. We hid it in the back and ate it for a post-dinner treat, to share with all our Guest House friends. Elmo and Cookie joined us at the table–still Rachel’s favourite friends. And their picture adorned the cake, along with Rachel’s photo. After tomorrow’s lengthy travel day, we’ll be able to celebrate Rachel at the Eiffel Tower. Au revoir, Africa, we will meet again!


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