lost in paris

Happy Birthday to Rachel! Breakfast in bed, followed by photos at the Eiffel Tower and croque monsieur eaten during a Sienne river cruise encapsulated her day. She window shopped at Versace, learned the words creme glacee and carnival. We sang to her at the Nairobi Guest House, at midnight Nairobi time, at midnight Paris time, and this morning with gifts. We are so thankful for our delightful surprise girl.

Jim took the kids to the hotel for afternoon rest after such a long night, and we parted ways. I walked an hour along the Sienne to find the Louvre where I eventually found the entrance, and followed the Mona Lisa sign to discover adoring fans photographing her. The Louvre, gorgeous in architecture and grand,was like a mini United Nations. Reminded me of Nairobi in congestion, but every race represented.

I decided to taxi home. And by the time I actually got home, I had remembered what I’d read about Paris…taxis aren’t forthcoming. Try as I might, taxis and buses weren’t providing me service for one reason or another. My hips and knees felt like cement. And I was missing my daughter’s birthday. My tears were more forthcoming than taxis, when everyone returned from dinner. In Paris, Rachel chose a choco cherry tart and McDonald’s french fries on the Champs Elysse. During our visit, she’d like me to call her Raquel…all growed up.

One thought on “lost in paris

  1. Happy birthday, Raquel! This will certainly be a birthday that you will remember for the rest of your life. And, you know, that lime green Versace gown (with a few minor alterations) would look absolutely stunning on you! Enjoy the rest of your time in gay Paree!

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