blog 58, good-bye

I could tell you that we made a whirlwind visit to the Mona Lisa. The crowds overwhelmed and the Louvre lost three visitors within five minutes. Do we have to stay? complained Jim…I mean Rachel. Hannah, Madelyn and I swept through the marble chambers to view the Venus de Milo, sarcophogus of the Sphinx, and ancient relics of all sorts. A population of a small country was visiting with us.

I could tell you that two thirds of us made it to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, without near fainting. That we ate more brie, baguette, espresso and nutella banana crepes. That we saw a few more BMWs and haute couture fashion houses. That we basked in the sun on the Sienne.

It’s been a slice…of brie, that is. We’ve taken in as much decadent Parisien culture as one can experience in four days with four children. It’s time to go home.

I’m a little sentimental. This blog is now coming to an end, as is our African adventure. We’ve enjoyed sharing, and so glad that you ventured into the uncomfortable with us. As we are in Paris till tomorrow morning, I can only end on a cheesy note: thanks for all the memories!

4 thoughts on “blog 58, good-bye

  1. We will miss hearing about your adventures and experiences. My kids have enjoyed hearing about the different things you see. Jessica especially has enjoyed it, has always wanted to go to Africa.

    • Glad to hear you were a part of it! We’ve drank tap water, and rejoiced. Ate cheese, and cheered. Came home overwhelmed with all that we have. And thankful. Sure would love to get together for coffee sometime…

  2. Oh, I hope you don’t stop blogging! I’ve just now stopped by and it looks so amazingly interesting. What an incredible adventure your family has had! I look forward to reading your past posts, and I do hope you will add more.

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