Post-travel BLOG POST jumble

I never did fall asleep last night, AT ALL.

The four and a half hours I could have slept, I lay on that bed in that dank ‘suite’, thinking. (Dank will be a repeated word, sorry, but it’s accurate).

The guesthouse guide book warned us of the different sounds, their owners the fruit bats. It also warned us of the sound of “a plane so loud it sounds like it’ll crash into your room”, is, yes, an airplane, but it won’t crash into your room, just land at the nearby airport. Okey dokey. Reassuring.

That wasn’t why I didn’t sleep. I’m crazy excited. I’m crazy anticipatory. We also just transported ourselves into another world. Yes, the same big earth. But a WHOLE DIFFERENT WORLD.

And then Jim got up at 04:15 (man, this guy has fortitude…all those years waking up at crazy hours makes him a superhero of sleep deprivation, whoot whoot!)

The kids thought they had a great sleep—four hours in a row! Oh boy! Can I paint you a picture of four siblings sleep deprived, like really sleep deprived, in the Accra Airport. I guess I just did. And don’t think that Jim and I aren’t capable of that kind of sleep-deprived frenzy either. We’ve had enough practice to know that the crazier things get around us, the more tension or trouble, the more relaxed we need to be.

Hannah told me she hadn’t realized how few white people there are. Yup, where we are, we are noticeable.

We lined up for the wrong flight. Glad I asked that Aussie guy what airline this was. Cause no one told us any differently. They (attempted) to check our baggage. Or pass it through the conveyor, three people in attendance, simultaneously, and fight over the baggage to search. Then ask for my bag to search. Be indecisive and say “No, not that one, the other one”. Look at it and say, “No not that one, the other one”.

This went on for a while.

Jim passed through security and he beeped, so he backed up to take the belt off, but no one noticed, cause no one was on the other side, or on the first side either. When Rachel asked me when she should pass through, I told her, it didn’t matter who went where—we could do full circles around the security thing and no one would have noticed.

And I guess my sleep deprivation allowed me to openly giggle, to the point where I couldn’t stop (and okay, I turned away, or they would have subjected us to full body searches I’m sure)…but I KID YOU NOT, and I say this with no jest, my four children, aged 5-13, could have managed those machines, the entire security check and been more effective—possibly qualifying for a US Marshals position (they definitely have the experience, citizenship or not).

Our driver threw our luggage on top of the Land Rover. No ambulance driving us this time!

October 10, 2014 082

I was attempting semi-consciousness in the three hour drive up here. Couldn’t sleep despite the reasonable roads. This daughter was my headrest, and laprest.

October 10, 2014 049

I saw the Alberta Prairies. A different tree variety. But I saw the big blue skies and puffy white clouds. The grasslands that go on and on.

October 10, 2014 052

Just a lot of different structures…

October 10, 2014 016

And people…an awful lot of people…

October 10, 2014 029

The long walk to freedom…freedom from planes for a few weeks anyway…

October 10, 2014 078

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