out of africa

Gearing up for our redeye tonight, I didn’t sleep last night. That wasn’t as planned. Thankfully, three out of three of us have had an afternoon nap (not me).

On our last day of Africa, we spent it unconventionally. With availability of resources, we bought ourselves twelve dollar pedicures, scrubbing that terracotta muck off our toes, threw away our shoes and stopped at the gelateria for lunch. Not how you see Africa? Ya, me neither.

November 2, 2014 005

Some of us found the pedicure tickly…

November 2, 2014 012

I’ve never had a more effective foot scrub. I can recommend a pedicurist if you’re ever in these parts.

Zach bounced on the lonely bouncy castle. Not a lot of people in this modern mini-mall.

November 2, 2014 008

 I debated suggesting elongating our morning out by driving by the Gulf of Guinea. I like to collect the sand from waterways around the world, the Arctic, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Adriatic, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, are checked off my list. I didn’t make it to the Indian Ocean on our way through Kenya last time either. But I hear this oceanfront is sewage-filled so I’m not missing much more than a garbage-beached view.

Cappuccino is tasting closer to home, possibly Tassimo inspired. Milk coming from South Africa, a long ways away. No dairies in these parts.

November 2, 2014 018

The FroYo was delightful. White pineapples from Tamale. Bounty chocolate bars, yum, my fav. Dark chocolate syrup. Papayas and other tropical fruits.

November 2, 2014 015

I’ve taken my final African tepid shower, avoiding water running into my mouth. I imagine the cold of the Netherlands will whip me into shock, but I will be so thankful for the bug-killing temps. It’ll take me a while to not ‘swat away’ bugs, aka falling hairs from my heads or people that brush past me.

We’ll get to put away the Steripen and stop buying water everywhere we go, drink from public taps, not squatting over toilets, not worry about being run over by traffic (not even in European cities), and not have to dodge public defecators, animals and humans alike. I’m even going to wear jeans and sneakers to the airport.

I am super grateful for the opportunity we’ve had for the month in Ghana. As I have written, it has taught us much, and we came to share, and we did indeed do that. But I am thankful that we’re just four hours from being out of Africa.



5 thoughts on “out of africa

  1. I’m going to miss your post about your adventure! I truly do not have it in me to go to Africa! You know that old song goes something like… “oh Lord I’ll follow you anywhere, but please Lord not to Africa!” Hahhaa thats me sing that! LOL That month went very fast for me, I bet it felt a lot longer to you! So where are you taking us all next!!! hehehe

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