a Canadian road trip

Okay, we’re just heading to the largest airport near us, but this is a twelve hour driving trip. Because we’re nestled far in the mountains of southern British Columbia, the nearest airport is nicknamed “Cancelgar” — a play on its name, because it has a reputation for cancelling flights. Too many clouds in the valley.

Five minutes from our door, we first took the largest, free ferry in North America, and enjoyed the view.

January 2015 170

Some of us chose the electronic view…

January 2015 174

We took the newer vehicle in hopes of avoiding mechanical troubles, only to have a gasket explode in the new vehicle.

January 2015 177

A Canadian road trip includes a visit to Tim’s…for the bathroom, and other things.

January 2015 175

We waited a good couple hours to have that fixed. Four kids on the side of the road in winter. Good times. But fifteen years, we’ve learned to keep our cool.

January 2015 179 January 2015 182

Start at 8 in the morning and find ourselves nestled in an airport hotel at ten at night. Minus the kids. We left them with grandma and grandpa.

A trip all on our own? What will we do….in Phoenix…



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