Blog post I NEVER thought I’d write: Basics of Football

Just kidding, I don’t know anything about the game.

I spent a lot of time at football games in high school, which isn’t the typical thing to do in a Canadian high school, but at the time, I was single-minded: I had a Tight End to get to know (that would be the name of a position). Tried out for the cheerleading team, but my parents weren’t eager for me to ‘dress like that’. Now that I’m a parent, I totally get that.

That first year and a half that my husband and I were engaged, four provinces away from each other, when he wasn’t talking on the phone with me, he was watching football (or baseball or curling or golf or maybe sometimes working as a medical resident). Who knew that my husband would spend the last fifteen years guessing scores for his football pool, strategizing the next weekend’s winners, and their point differentials.

Now I know.

He really likes football.

Apparently it’s not just a game. It’s strategy.

Stuff I learned yesterday about Football. I thought it was time to get a grip on the basics since I’m going to the Super Bowl.

The blah blah blah…

This guy will tell all…


  1. There are four quarters.
  2. Offense starts the play with the ball. Defense try to keep them from moving the ball.
  3. There are eleven players per team.
  4. They play specific roles.
  5. Linebackers act cool, Quarterbacks do everything.
  6. Tight ends block and catch.
  7. Linemen block or attack, Receivers catch, Running Backs run, Cornerbacks act cool, Safeties are important in Cover 2 defensive packages…
  8. There are sixty minutes of game time. And in reality, a REALLY SLOW SIXTY MINUTES.
  9. Fifteen minutes for each quarter. Which really turns into about 45 minutes each quarter.
  10. There are three timeouts per team per half.
  11.  The team on offense has four downs (plays) to move the ball ten yards.
  12.  The rules have changed in last ten years to make it more friendly for passing.
  13.  Only allowed one forward pass to play.
  14.  Referee and officials known as ‘zebras’ they wear prison stripes black and white.


Now for the cool Super Bowl trivia….

  1. Green Bay Packers won the first Super Bowl.
  2. They’re paid bajillions of dollars (but you knew that).
  3. Super Bowl is the championship game of American NFL, last game of the season (but you knew that)…and it’s usually honoured with Tostitos, Bud Light and Keurig’s coffee (or maybe I think that because they’re sponsors this year;)
  4.  Super Bowls are the most watched television programs of all time.
  5.  The NFL now asks the halftime musical act to pay them for the exposure. Katy Perry will pay US to entertain us. Okay, she’ll pay the NFL. We’ll pay a pretty penny to be here.
  6. Advertisers work hard to create buzz on social media prior to you seeing their television spot for which they pay over four million dollars per thirty seconds. (You’ll see real Super Bowl commercials in Canada next year).
  7. Defending champions: Seattle Seahawks.
  8.  My husband’s hoping Seattle will win, so he can win his football pool, finally.
  9.  Super Bowl’s halftime is really twice as long as a regular halftime. Prepping for lights, stage and Katy Perry action (I hear there’ll be edible confetti and dangerous terrorist-producing drones?)
  10. 80, 000 in attendance. Mostly businessmen and their trophy wives. (I’ll be the honourary homeschool trophy wife—is that an oxymoron?)





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