Georgia on my mind.

How many times this Ray Charles song played during our one week visit? Three or four times.

Once at the college football game while the cheerleaders danced. Once at Stone Mountain, first sung at the Fireworks and Laser show. Once on the radio.

Twelve times in my mind as we drove past mini-plantations, American flagged town halls and oversized fast food joints. It’s one of those Michael Bolton romantic remakes that only represent teenage romantic angst for me.

And the reason for this trip was all about romance. Between the wedding we were attending and the sixteenth anniversary we were celebrating, this was a big southern backdrop for romance.

No matter where, or why we go, one of our kids favourite places to be…en route.

September 2015 165 Two flights and two few hour drives made for supersizing screen times.

September 2015 170

Our last trip: Ghana, West Africa. First impressions of Atlanta Airport: packed with people, humid…an awful lot like Ghana. Minus the charming plantations, valet-available shopping mall parking lots, and oversized, always available fast food options.

September 2015 216First stop: Stone Mountain. A steamy day. They say heat rises. The kids agree. “Mom, forty feet above ground, it is really hot.” It wasn’t the heights alone, but being strapped into harnesses that made them hot.

September 2015 219My husband and I wouldn’t dare attempt this. Not so sure a couple of our kiddos was as game on high as they were on ground level. But they did it!

September 2015 221Just hanging out, mom! I stopped looking when they were at the twenty foot level.

September 2015 240

September 2015 255

We celebrated our sixteenth anniversary this steamy day. We have lived many stories, played more than one character in our story, and transformed again, while travelling many, many places. “Will you come travel with me? Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?” (Walt Whitman wrote this for us;)

September 2015 253Looking to the southern Civil War Generals ride to defeat. Etched on Stone Mountain, the stars on General Lee’s shoulder are barely visible at this distance yet they stand at six feet high.

September 2015 268I dare say, football was a speck in my eyes back in high school. And only then it was on my mind because I was an aspiring cheerleader–or because there were football players. Not so for my beloved. Football season began with a college football game, blank vs. blank. I mean the Bulldogs versus, now who were their opponents?

September 2015 262  September 2015 280 September 2015 276

The game was suspended for threatening thunderstorms, but he’s got all winter long to try first place for this year’s pool.

September 2015 287A Krispy Kreme break required. We have Tim Horton’s above the border, but not quite enough shortening and sugar in ours.

September 2015 291Since we live in a small town, sans big mall experience, the girls are motivated by the smell of plastic bags and names like Hollister, Forever 21, Aeropostle. Do I get paid for product placement?

September 2015 360The reason we ventured into these parts in the first place: to celebrate Matt and Nicolena! First wedding for the Dobrovolny family and I was thrilled, wipe those tears away thrilled, to celebrate with my dear friend Marianna.

September 2015 412

Mama of the groom! Her baby got married!

                                 September 2015 384

Them there’s magic in this southern humid woodland air. Breezes perfectly timed and giant maple leaves blessing the bridge and groom. #DobroFoSho

September 2015 321

Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through,

Just an old sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind.

Comes as sweet and clear

As moonlight through the pines

Other arms reach out to me, Other eyes smile tenderly

Still in peaceful dreams I see

The road leads back to you.”


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