Welcome to New York!

A hankering for a little theatre and a break in the schedule meant my husband surprised us with a field trip to New York City. And in order to plan for this visit, these homeschool kids know lyrics that I’m not sure they should know. They’ve memorized a few from Book of Mormon, Music Man, and Wicked.

But we’ll be heading to a matinee of Something Rotten. In modern form, the Shakespearean form, iambic pentameter, has been introduced.

2015-11-10 18.33.06

I’ve been asked for a bedtime song for months: a few ditties on dad’s phone of Something Rotten. Might I not recommend sharing them with your kiddos?

2015-11-10 18.44.22

One of our girls risked it all. Crossed the road. On a red. In New York City. She lived to tell that she’s still alive.

She also can’t believe we don’t want to hail a cab. Hard to catch a cab though they are as present as people. We did get to watch a couple ladies almost duke it out for a cab. A few choice words were chosen. Choice words I’d rather not my children have heard. People walk here. Or take trains. Last time we were here, my husband nearly got hit by taxi stepping off the curb at the wrong time.

2015-11-10 18.36.29 HDR

2015-11-10 18.35.03 HDR     2015-11-10 18.47.30

New York strip. New York cheesecake. And cannoli. At the trattoria. Nothing says ‘new world’ like eating Italian in the States. It’s pretty darn good. Hard to convince an Albertan that a striploin is better here than home though.

Give me a field trip in another country and you will find me at the grocery store. There’s a lot here that we see back home. Microwave popcorn — can’t do that at home (only because I’ve not used a microwave in years…the kids think these appliances are novel). There’s also challa buns and Pepperidge Farms Milano melts with boston cream pie. Um, yum.

2015-11-10 18.55.50 HDR

There’s a lot of garbage stacks. And a lot of smoke. Cigarette smoke. A sign on a fellow’s cardboard sign sitting beside us asks for money, for weed. Glad he’s honest. There are a lot of people. Makes you see how small you really are in the world.

Gorgeous architecture in our hotel…”How many flights up are there?”

2015-11-10 17.15.46

As many people there are, there are an equal number of restaurants. Egyptian falafels stands, pretzels stands, Japanese, you name the country…it’s in this five block theatre district.

The theatre district is starting up. It’s ten East Coast time. But our four are in tow. So we’re heading to the room for sleep.

“What time do we have to be at the United Nations in the morning?” the words coming out of my mouth seem unreal. 45 minutes early for security before our tours, my husband tells me. A little field trip across the country.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to New York!

    • So gorgeous! And so not to Canadian code…somebody could make a movie of someone falling twelve flights down. But the architecture of this city, wow! Old World meets New World again!

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