United Nations

First thing I hear this morning from one of the kids is, “Can we drink the tap water?” We returned from the developing world one year and one week ago.

I’ve heard this place is known as the city that never sleeps. First thing in the morning, it’s not so busy. Folks probably just went to bed.

Somebody thinks she better take photos so that one day we’ll see that mom was here. (I’m usually the one behind the camera….not anymore).

2015-11-11 06.14.02

An overcast morning meant the assembly flags were down. Our tour sure does make us feel all official heading through the security though.

2015-11-11 06.35.52 HDR 2015-11-11 06.33.16

Still, the front lawn is littered with a memorable skyline…

2015-11-11 07.36.27

A nod to the North with the shiniest Inuksuk I’ve seen.

2015-11-11 06.49.14

“Go memorize the United Nation’s Secretary Generals and there’ll be a quiz at the end…” So one of our kids does so.

2015-11-11 06.57.25

There are 193 nations represented in the United Nations. The kids doing their work in the Security Council chambers.

2015-11-11 07.56.00

A nod to Norman Rockwell, and to Jesus, with the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, painted on all the children of the world mural outside the chambers.

2015-11-11 08.18.23

The general population is assembling in the General Assembly. Our tour included people from countries Haiti, Brazil, Iran, China, Pakistan, and us!

2015-11-11 08.59.45 2015-11-11 09.00.50

Found us some streetside grub…hot dogs and pretzels. None too healthy, and none too cheap either. 

I can’t capture the five senses through my words; but New York can be summed up in these sweeping senses….

1. Cigarette smoke mixed with garbage mixed with yummy bakeries

2. Honking, ambulances, yelling (so I’ve heard east side folk are kinda loud…sometimes stereotypes come by honestly)

3. Tiramisu cake, cappuccino, every food imaginable with exquisite flavor (and cost)

4. “If I could be paid a penny for every time someone bumped me” says two of my daughters 

5. I’m showing you the visuals. Oh, and to cover the stereotypes purported by Hollywood, this place really is Jewish.

But we are right in the thick of Time Square—tourist central. “Have money, will spend”. And baby, this is the most expensive place we’ve visited…a smidgen more than Superbowl, and even more than Venice. $7.50 for a pb and j sandwich. Wowsas.


3 thoughts on “United Nations

  1. Thank you for the snapshots of my birthplace. I can’t really call it my town, but every visit fills me with nostalgia. I must visit the U.N. again – it’s been 45 years!

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