heading on a transcontinental European adventure, vicariously!

Here I sit in the southern Kootenay mountains of British Columbia, cozy under my blanket while the snow falls like a snowglobe. Hovering around zero degrees and blanketed with snow most of the time, I have the best of winter. Enough snow to cross country ski nearly every day, but not cold enough to feel the air has bitten my face.

Though I’m sticking close to home for the next couple weeks, I am eager to piggyback onto other’s travel as they wander into the wide world. Neighbouring homeschool friends are taking their two boys on an epic trip across the pond.

Join me as I join them…

Tanya and her family of four are heading to Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands…

You can find her here…


And just in case she didn’t get the facts ma’am…

her son Nico follows their travels at…


A hilarious combination of travel and humour!

If you’re not heading to Europe, find that spot in the day where you cuddle up for a little cappuccino and cornetto, or feta and olive, or gruyere and chocolate, but definitely croissants and castles!

Bon Voyage Krol’s family!

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