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backcountry BC

We drove to the middle of nowhere. We’ve been to Africa. It’s not in the middle of nowhere; there are more people than square feet. Where we drove, one can get lost. And no one would be around to know where you might have gone. It feels like a million miles from everywhere–though a grocery store is only an hour away.

Though the teenager was thrilled by this expedition, the younger three wondered when the pain of the drive would end. A couple hours winding British Columbia mountain roads — for what?

We drove…

June 2015 017

And drove…

June 2015 020

And drove…

June 2015 023

When we’d finally get to the turnoff that would tell us that the road was not safe, no longer in use, we turned right and drove up it…

June 2015 025

And drove…

June 2015 024

Good thing we have 4 WD–this ain’t no Sunday drive. Oh wait, it’s Sunday.

The couple hundred feet drops as we switchback along — tumbling rocky mountains and an occasional deer nipping a bush greet us.

The only sign of civilization at the top: an outhouse telling us to “Beware of possible wasp nests! Please latch outhouse door, wind gusts will rip unlatched door off its hinges”.

More than two hours driving, we were ready to rock this mountain (well, two of us were).

June 2015 031

Until the first few steps revealed we’d either gained weight on our trip up or oxygen saturation was lower.

June 2015 032

June 2015 040

She’d not be the only one saying “help me”.

It was clear quickly that we weren’t zipping up those footpath switchbacks in the tour books suggestion of an hour. Every half dozen steps up, we stopped for oxygen.

June 2015 046

And selfies that resemble satisfaction.

June 2015 052 But were really excuses to stop.

What motivated us to keep going? This…

June 2015 035

But there were more than a few expressions of this…

June 2015 043

…from everyone under forty one.

June 2015 057

This guy would be the primary role of picnic caregiver, two backpacks. He didn’t complain. Checking our pulses at 150 bpm, out of breath, he knew we couldn’t do it. A good mile of switchbacks UP the mountain–he was the only one trained for this. Imagine that the book says this is an “easy” hike.

June 2015 061 His were sympathy stops.

June 2015 063Luckily, my fascination with botany required me to ‘stop and smell the…’ What is this anyway? A fuzzy, furry head.

June 2015 064 Every direction we turned we’d see this, so surely the end would be worth the effort.

June 2015 065

The flat trails were met with cheers of relief.

June 2015 066

Opposite our trail was the notorious Jumbo Mountain. Locals are resisting the creation of a new ski resort in our quieter mountain community. Someone has cleared patches of mountain for some reason.

June 2015 070

Something I’ve not seen before: new coniferous trees muddied in parts. They might appeared burned on one side, or perhaps an animal has rubbed against it, but I see some type of sap or mud gumming up the needles. This area is so dry there could easily be forest fires — just fifteen minutes away from our home, fire has ripped down the mountain putting the residents on evacuation warning.

We entered a woodland thick with mosquitos.

June 2015 075 June 2015 081

Good thing we brought the Africa Deet. So clear was the water, I’m sure it would be drinkable.

June 2015 079 Hand on my chest to shoo away flies attacking my face.

June 2015 091

What are these flowers? We’re only weeks away from the abundant blooming of mountain meadows, but so many hikes, so little time, we’ll likely not find our way back here this summer.

Our most optimistic and hearty child has had quite enough of the bugs and the ‘walk’.

June 2015 093

June 2015 098 Yet, just over trail, someone yells, “I want to sing the Sound of Music…but I don’t have enough breath”. The hills are alive with the sounds of … breathing, panting, huffing.

June 2015 099Which way is north? The Inukshuk will tell you.

June 2015 106We’ve arrived at the highest point. Mountainous views from all directions. Mount McDuff, Mount … .

June 2015 107

June 2015 116Our swimsuits are on, we’re burning hot, ready to jump into the meadow pond, but…we don’t want to wash off the DEET.

June 2015 120Six years old, like daddy like son, he’s accomplished quite a feat. Driving home, my husband naps before his night shift and I take that 4WD off because I’m swinging along these mountain roads like a kid on a playground. We stop to take a dip at the Kaslo beach and collapse in front of the lakeside café for a well-earned burger and fries.

Van Gogh said, “If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere”. But I’d rather find it on a mountain.