central park

One last morning to spend in New York, but not enough time before the flight requires us to prepare, so we head a few blocks north to Central Park. Perhaps it feels more idyllic because it’s the only green space in this urban jungle.

2015-11-13 09.02.20 2015-11-13 09.01.10 2015-11-13 09.07.56

We’ve been walking so much that we’re sore, so Jim suggests a carriage ride. The horse has a bunch of carrots dangling behind him. He knows that at the end of this half hour trot, he’ll be rewarded. It’s just cold enough to warrant cozy fall jackets, but warm enough that hundreds of people are out and about.

2015-11-13 08.59.18 2015-11-13 09.00.56 2015-11-13 09.07.56

The kids identify some buildings in movies they know…the Plaza where Home Alone 2 was filmed. There’s Eloise’s hotel too. “Coconut Junior” joined us too.

2015-11-13 09.18.31 2015-11-13 09.14.02 2015-11-13 09.17.42

It was time for our fairy tale NYC visit to close. So we zoomed to our apart-hotel to clean out the fridge for lunch, throw our things in luggage and arrive on the front steps in time for a chauffer to tell us he was ready for us.

“Oh, I don’t think we’re the people you’re looking for” I told him.

“Wiedricks?” he asks.

“Why yes, that is us. But…” This is not our typical transportation for a family of six.

2015-11-13 10.02.34

This would be the most comfortable two hour drive to an airport we’ve experienced.

2015-11-13 10.03.54

Kids pulled out the fluted wine glasses and poured themselves bottled water, videoed themselves pretending to be pop stars while we sat at the back, feet up on leather seats, window halfway down for fresh air and golden views of the tops of trees and skyscrapers.

Arrivederci fancy Italian ristorante! Au revoir fancy French bakeries! Good bye Broadway!

Until we meet again!

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