empire state building strikes back…

Or the Empire State Building was where we spent our evening…

Rachel and I watched Sleepless in Seattle on the plane, snug in the back row of three empty seats. We laid back uncomfortably together and pulled out the iPad, downloaded GoGo and ‘travelled’ from Seattle to New York City with Sam and his son, and by the end of the flick, we were at the top of the Empire State Building.

In reality, we drove to Spokane, then flew from Spokane to Minneapolis to New York, but pretty much covered the country like they did.

Years ago we took a boat tour around Seattle’s harbor to view the Sleepless in Seattle house. But tonight, we’re heading up to New York’s Empire State Building to see what makes this a favoured location for romantic movies.

We were escorted around and around like a mouse in a maze, accompanied by dressy security detail asking us how we were and made certain we had no idea where the front entry was.

When we finally made it to an elevator, we were electrically zoomed up to the 80th floor. Then up another elevator to the 86th. And looked down on the city of New York. We hadn’t had this view since 2000 from the top of the Twin Towers. Is this now the best view of the city? Or is it the Top of the Mark? We will have to find out next time we head to Broadway.

This tower was built in the dirty thirties. William F. Lamb designed the skyscraper. 103 stories high. 381 meters high. It took them a year and a month to build. It was intended as an office building, but turned tourist site. It was the biggest tower from 1931-1981. It cost $40 million dollars. Today, it would have cost $637 million dollars.

As we walked out to the platform, Jim grabbed me from behind and gave me a smooch. Then went back inside. Tall as he is, heights he does not care for. And these are some heights.

We could see the highest height up at 108 feet above our heads when were at the 86th floor platform.

This poem was dedicated to the Twin Towers, by the Empire State building. Fitting that the day after visited the Empire State Building, it honoured Paris with Red, White and Blue. Vive le France!

“I saw you Empire State building

looking for your twin brothers

I saw you

watching your brothers burning

helpless to the ground

I look up at you, tall proud beacon

I too am a tower

it’s my last name in Spanish

I look at you

glistening in the morning

shining at night I saw you

watching your brothers die

they were beautiful

and tall although

I think you have more character

but, older brothers wear their age well

I saw you helpless

and you wanted to comfort you but

you’re too big to hug

so I just keep looking at you

crying for you

holding you in my stare

us towers

we have to stick together.”

–Edwin Torres


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